Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sweater on leather

Pants: Urbanvibe. Sweater: Street vendor. Bag: Night market. Shoes: Vintage.

Just bought this sweater last weekend from street vendor at weekend market in Chon Buri. I thought I would wear it with navy leopard-print jeans, but couldn't find one that I like. So, instead, I paired my faux leather that I bought years ago with this soft multi-colored sweater to make my street look a little edgy. I love how leather pants turn heads on you. This is a MUST in your closet ladies! Get a pair or more. I, myself, will look for a new pair as well coz these one starts to worn out.
Oh by the way, Happy Father's day Thailand!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Lacey dress and cowboy boots

Dress: street vendor. Jacket: Night market. Boots: Zara. Shades: Street vendor.

These boots are really made for walking. I have worn them all day long and I can still feel my feet. They are foot friendly. These shots are taken in front of a second-hand shop behind my office. I think I have become a good friend with the shop owner as I have been there so often and she is very friendly and kind. We have conversation and shared our sense of style. Also just bought a black coat from her shop. It is not a thick coat, so it can be worn in toasty Bangkok. :) I think I'll wear it as a mini. I love this shop... What about you? What are your favorite shopping spots?