Tuesday, November 6, 2012

9-5 routine

Blouse: F21. Pants: Mango. Shoes: Used shop

Hanging at a small park in front of Abdulrahim Building during a lunch break, watching 9-5 people walk pass-by and thinking what a life! What are they doing? What am I doing?... Come to work at the same time, have lunch at 12, leave work at 5, and dress in pattern. Ouch!!! Kinda sad, isn't it? 
......I just sit there and let my thoughts fly.....
Before I left, I asked for a favour from a very nice girl sitting behind me to take my pictures using my phone. She did a pretty good shot of me. However, she might think that I was crazy coz I could tell from her face expression when she handed me back my phone. "What the h(*&% was wrong with this self-possessed, crazy B*%&^  asking a stranger to take pictures of herself?!!!" 
Now back to work!

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