Friday, November 9, 2012

Down the alley

Down the alley

 If you were born in the 80s, you'd know exactly what is in my hands.

 Chicken and egg which one was born first?
Dress: Zara. Belt: American Apparel. Military jacket: Night market (used one). Bracelet: Street vendor (it actually is a necklet but worn as a bracelet). Ring: F21. Shoes: Used shop.

Exploring a new restaurant called Bangkok (บางกอก). I love how it is decorated. Every single detail gives 80s feelings. Food was great and everybody there is very attentive. New spot to hang during lunch time. The owner is also very nice letting me taking pictures. It wasn't my attention to take some shots during lunch break, but it was just the right place, and I knew at some point during the day I would sneak out to take shots of me anyway. So why not here and now? Bam! Here I am.
I just bought a slightly used dress from my colleague who is obsessed with shopping. She'd probably have so so much to get rid off. I picked out a couple of pieces of her unwanted collection. It fits me pretty well. As long as I feel comfortable with what I'm wearing, it doesn't matter whether it's new or has been worn before. :)

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